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Post by travis_cooper on Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:22 am

The next down the dial I posted above is the Tv mode. We know this from the shutter speed tutorial as the shutter priority mode. This mode allows us to change our shutter speed where we want it, and the camera will set the f-stop for us based on the shutter speed we have chosen and our current ISO setting. As you change the shutter speed you should be able to see the f-stop changing values to keep the proper exposure. This mode is mostly useful when you care about the motion in the scene more than the dof. So if you have kids running around, or a sporting event, or a waterfall, things like that. Since we know that the shutter speed controls the motion, by either blurring it or freezing it, this is the perfect mode for shots with some type of motion in them. In order to set the shutter speed you simply spin your wheel, or e-dial, on your camera. As I mentioned before you may get into a situation where the shutter speed you choose won't work with the limits of your lens' f-stop values. For example if you choose 4000 for a shutter speed, remember this is really 1/4000 of a second, then the lens has to open up really wide to let in enough light at that fast shutter speed. If you don't have enough light, say you are inside, your camera will open up as wide as it can, lets say f/3.5, and you will see that 3.5 blinking in your view finder. This is your camera telling you that it has opened up the aperture as much as it can, but it isn't enough to get the proper exposure. Most cameras will let you take the picture, but you won't be pleased with the results. If you are inside with those settings your picture will probably be pretty much all black.

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