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M - Taking Better Pictures Tutorial 2e Empty M - Taking Better Pictures Tutorial 2e

Post by travis_cooper on Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:15 am

The next one is manual, our fully manual setting. In M mode you get to set everything yourself. Don't get too intimidated, your camera has a helpful guide to let you know how close you are to the correct exposure, so you can know where the "correct" exposure, according to the camera is. Usually in your view finder you will see a little line from -2 to +2, or maybe -3 to +3, and some indication as to where the exposure is on this scale, hey this is exactly the same scale we saw with EV Compensation. Others just have the number rather than a little scale, so it will say -1, this is letting you know that your current settings are 1 stop under exposed from proper exposure.

Now how do we set both values? Well a lot of cameras only have one e-dail, although some out there have two to let you set both values with different dials, so since our e-dial lets us set the shutter speed, that is probably the most common behavior although some have it so the e-dial sets the aperture, in order to set the opposite value we need that Av lock button again. Remember from the EV Compensation stuff? It looks like this in case you forgot.
M - Taking Better Pictures Tutorial 2e Avlock
While holding this button and turning your e-dial you can set your opposite value. Now you can set both the shutter speed and aperture while in manual mode. Remember that little scale, or just a number, that lets you know how far, or close, you are to proper exposure.

Manual mode can be helpful, and those that shoot in it often rarely shoot in anything else. I use it for doing HDR, this is an advance concept we might talk about later, or for bracketing, also we will probably talk about this later. Or for just shooting difficult lighting situations, like a full moon. This mode really gives the photographer complete control over the situation so you are making all the decisions.

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