P - Taking Better Pictures Tutorial 2a

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P - Taking Better Pictures Tutorial 2a

Post by travis_cooper on Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:24 am

The P on the dial is known as program mode. This is probably the one manual setting that is most like the auto settings. This mode picks the aperture and shutter speed for you, based on what your ISO is set at, to give you proper exposure. Some cameras allow you to change the f-stop value, which will automatically update the shutter speed, or you can change the shutter speed which will automatically update the f-stop. You can also, in some cameras so check your manual, set how the program line works. In your menu you might have a way to set it, so that it always tries to get the fastest shutter speed possible, or the dof you want. There are usually a few options and the P mode will try to get you to where you like to shoot most often. This mode I have never personally used, although I have heard it is good for walking around downtown when you may not have time to set up your camera for that sweet car driving by, or things like that. I personally think that after practice with the other modes you will get fast enough that you probably won't ever use the program mode either, but its there so I had to mention it. Other people that use P mode, maybe you could post and say why you use it and how it is helpful.

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