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Post by travis_cooper on Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:20 am

The next setting is Av, which we know from the aperture tutorial is the aperture priority mode. This is really similar to the Tv mode, except that you are setting the aperture value and the camera is setting the shutter speed, rather than the other way around. As in the Tv mode, if you choose an aperture value where there isn't a shutter speed value that will get proper exposure the shutter speed value will blink in your view finder letting you know that. So if you are inside and set at f/32, which as you know is closed down really small, we need a long shutter speed to let in enough light. In some situations even 30", 30 seconds, isn't enough time to properly expose that shot, so the camera will set the shutter speed to 30" and it will be blinking to let you know. The biggest reason to use the Av mode is when you care about the dof in the shot. This is actually the mode I use most often. I am probably in Av mode 99% of the time. Again you would use the lower numbers f/2 or f/3.5 to get a small dof and the larger numbers f/22 or f/32 to get a large dof.

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