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Post by travis_cooper on Tue May 13, 2008 11:29 am

I got accepted to teach a photography class at Hunter High School for continuing education starting this summer. Those of you who live in the Granite School District may have received the course catalog already. Well, you can now sign up online for the course. They finally got it in the system and the class size set. It looks like it will be up to 15 students that can sign up. So for those of you who live in Utah, especially in the Salt Lake area, that would like to learn more about your camera you should check out the class. There are two other photography classes being offered, neither of them meet as many times, although they are close, and they are both more expensive. We will be covering things like exposure, so you can get into those manual settings, composition, and other aspects of your camera. Then the end of the course will talk about some specific areas of photography that the class is interested in, like landscapes, portraits, macro, etc. If your interested you can see more info on the class and sign up here. Make sure you tell your friends about this as well.


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